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Song Stories: Eight-State Arms 

Leading up to the June 2 release of "Through Private Wars" (available for pre-order now), I'll be posting brief thoughts on each of its songs over the next few weeks. Today, track #6, Eight-State Arms.

I love touring. Very little gives me more pleasure than waking up somewhere unusual, knowing that all I have to do today is travel from one town to the next, and then play a show. It's a vast improvement over going to your day job (unless you really, really like your day job; I sadly don't). I haven’t been…

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Touring, and My Keys 


Ed. Note: This blogpost was originally written in September of 2010 and posted on a no longer active account. Obviously, the Sobriquets no longer exist, having become The Way Home and then not (mostly I'm working under my own name these days, with or without a band), and the baseball fell off one too many times (though the bat's still there)... but the general sentiment remains. Admittedly, on solo tours, it does take longer for the car to start to smell. Or maybe I just don't notice.)


My key chain…

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