To Reason Why

I don't remember what you told me late last night
But it seemed to still be weighing heavy on your mind
Letters to your parents letters to your friends
Letters like you'll never speak to them again

Ours is not… Read more


And we saw in the new year 
And then we kept on drinking
Still had time to think
And time to keep on sinking
When the gin ran out 
We all took to the streets
All these discussions of sin… Read more


I've lost my time
Lost my frame of reference
Missed my sign
All the things I've never said
All the things I've never said

Inside out spinning with my head and my heels
Point in the wrong direction
Point in… Read more

Inventing the Game

Windows open wide
Let the wind blow out the dust that's inside
Skin against skin
Breath follows breath
Under ambient light

And we'll play it out again
And we'll stay the same until it ends

And it's come on so… Read more

The Thing About This

Let's not make a thing about this
Don't know where I will be next year
It's not like I think about it
Not like your voice is in my ears
Maybe it's better this way
I've been lost and I've… Read more

This Old Town

Sunday night I heard the sound

Late night sirens all around

Wonder whose life come crashing down in this old town


Think I need some help to maintain

Cuz the cigarettes ain't enough for me these…

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Boundary Blurring

I'm down and done
And the evening is just begun
Sick to death of the sun
Saps my will I
Run for the hills I'm
Numb on the pills so 
Dumb it just kills me

Oh tie me down
Oh… Read more

My Father's Watch

And so it was
You said I think this feels right
And I guess it does
Cuz it sure helps me sleep at night
And if in time
It helps your sleeping too
I think you'll find
That I don't… Read more

Strange The Way

Well strange the way it seems
I changed horses in midstream
And it took a while to get back to my pace
Then the stream changed up with me
And I'm broken company
And I hate the way it slides… Read more

Eight-State Arms

 Saw you called this morning
I couldn't find my phone
I was on a couch in Boston
You were sleeping all alone

Your house is cold and empty
I live from town to town
I forget the way time…

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Black Irish Heart

Well the clouds come for you today
Washed the shine right out of your eyes
And it's cold cold cold by your fireside
And you don't feel no hope along the way  

Got a demon riding on your shoulder
Filling… Read more


Aida pour me another drink cuz I'm trying to sink and my feet are still on the ground
Aida I've been worn right through unstuck like glue drifting through this toxic town
Aida she made a mess of me and… Read more